Terms & Conditions of Sale

All products and services purchased from SP Blinds are subject to these Terms and Conditions.


  1. All quote acceptance, orders or changes to orders should be done IN WRITING. SP Blinds shall not accept any responsibility for instructions given verbally, or by phone messages.
  2. Orders should include all details necessary for production, as specified IN WRITING. Lack of necessary details may result in a delayed delivery time.
  3. Cancellation of orders shall not be possible after production has commenced, or after any components have been ordered by SP Blinds.
  4. Orders shall be deemed completed upon:
    1. For Customers who pick up – upon notification that the job is ready.
    2. For Customers who require delivery – upon delivery of products to the delivery address specified on the order. In the absence of such delivery address – to the Customer’s usual delivery address.

Delivery of orders

  1. Although all effort is made to supply orders by the requested specified delivery times, SP Blinds has no obligation, and accepts no liability, for any delay in delivery, nor shall such delay constitute grounds for cancellation of an order.
  2. The price of products does not include freight, and is added to each order.
  3. With respect to any products sent by courier, the Customer shall have the following obligations:
    1. Inspect any package upon arrival, prior to signing the courier receipt, and note on the courier receipt the existence of any sign of damage showing on the package.
    2. Notify SP Blinds within 48 hours from receipt of any damaged products, or from discovery of the damage, if the damage could not be identified earlier.
    3. Provide photographic evidence of damage on delivery.

Damaged or faulty products

  1. The Customer must notify SP Blinds IN WRITING of any claims for damaged or faulty products.
  2. The Customer shall send any faulty or damaged products back to SP Blinds at their own expense, unless otherwise agreed. SP Blinds shall have sole discretion whether such products should be repaired or replaced.
  3. SP Blinds shall not be liable for any subsequent damage beyond repair or replacement of the product.


  1. The ownership of the products shall not pass from SP Blinds to the Customer until payment for the products has been made in full.
  2. Upon the Customer taking actual or constructive possession of the products, the risk in the products shall pass to the Customer, and the Customer agrees to hold the products as bailee and fiduciary agent for SP Blinds.
  3. SP Blinds agrees that the Customer may sell or deal with the products in its ordinary course of business, but at all times the Customer must keep records to enable the identification of the products. Had the Customer sold the products they shall hold in trust for SP Blinds a portion of the proceeds which represents the price of such products.
  4. Where SP Blinds seeks to recover any of the products as a result of a failure by the Customer to pay for the products in full, the Customer hereby grants to SP Blinds an irrevocable license to enter upon the Customer’s premises and remove such products without incurring any liability to the Customer or any other person.
  5. While the products remain the property of SP Blinds, the Customer agrees that it has no right or claim to any interest in the products to secure any liquidation or unliquidated debt or obligation.
  6. SP Blinds terms of payment are strictly within 7 days of the invoice or, 20th of the month following date of invoice. If unpaid by the due date SP Blinds reserves the right to impose interest at a rate of 2.5% per calendar month until principal and interest are paid in full. SP Blinds shall be entitled to charge reasonable collection costs and/or solicitor costs expended in recovering payment.


  1. SP Blinds warrants each blind manufactured to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 2 years for commercial use and 5 years for residential use. SP Blinds will repair or replace any blind that proves to be defective within the limits of this warranty. SP Blinds Warranty does not apply to repairs, re-installations or component upgrades to existing blinds. We also do not cover nickel-plated metal chains that develop rust due to environmental conditions.
    1. Commercial use – commercial properties, and any residential properties which are not used as a home environment. Examples include, but are not limited to, any residential properties being used for rental, B&B business, Airbnb business and any other commercials purposes, whether profit or non-profit.
    2. Residential use – solely a home environment.
  2. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to return, at their own expense, any defective goods to SP Blinds. Call-out charge for repair and reinstallation shall apply.
  3. This warranty shall apply to: workmanship; operating mechanism – including chain control and springs; all components – including head tube, bottom bars, brackets; motors and electronics.
  4. This warranty shall not apply under the following circumstance: any product that has been ordered outside of our recommended specification; incorrect installation or wiring; misuse of the product, negligence or improper maintenance; accidental damage; fading or discolouration of fabric; skylight or non-standard blinds.
  5. As per SP Blinds warranty terms, fading is a natural occurrence with fabric and is not covered under this warranty. Some colour fading and shrinkage are completely normal and should be expected under New Zealand’s high UV levels during the lifetime of the blind. Please note:
    1. SP Blinds’ products are manufactured with high quality materials and components; however, there may be very slight colour variations between blinds if they have been manufactured from different fabric batches.
    2. If, after a time, a blind is replaced, the adjacent blinds in the room may have faded and the replaced blind will be the original colour and look slightly different.
  6. NOTE: in no event shall SP Blinds or its distributor be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages or for any other indirect damage, loss, cost, or expense.