Zip Blinds

Ultimate Block-out Blinds

The Vertilux Z1 Zip Roller Blind System offers another level above the Total Block System. With its zip locking system running the full length of the side channel, the fabric is held in place allowing it to stay intact and fully operational should it receive some accidental force imposed onto it.


Whilst at first glance it looks to be the total block system, by providing a sleek and stylish enclosure for the blind and its mechanisms, with a fully enclosed headbox and full-length side rails, the Z1 Zip System ensures that the fabric is held in place with the unique zip insert attached to the fabric and side rails.

With the added side channels and a room-darkening fabric the blind becomes fully enclosed which will totally block out any side light leakage ensuring maximum insulation from the elements. These features also make this the most environmentally friendly choice on the market for anyone wanting to control air conditioning and heating within the interior environment. Perfect for health care and hospitality as well as office fit-out or residential use.

The system can be operated by motorisation for ease of use in all situations.

Dimensions & Limitations

Manual Clutch Motor
Minimum Width 600mm 750mm
Maximum Width 3500mm 3500mm
Minimum Drop 500mm 500mm
Maximum Drop Room Darkening 2800mm Transparent/Translucent 2800mm