Our Factory

A specialised environment designed for precision manufacturing and efficient productivity

Our highly skilled, dedicated and experienced team members work tirelessly every day to proudly help beautify your home or business.

A Focus on Precision

To help ensure we continue to deliver the very best roller blinds in New Zealand, we strive to keep our factory updated with the very latest technology and equipment. This provides us with the ability to produce premium quality products with greater control, precision accuracy and faster production times.

We are constantly researching the latest trends and developments in the industry worldwide. Furthermore, we stay informed about the leading contributors in the market for acquiring the highest quality materials at the most affordable prices.

We specialise in supplying our customers with fabrics and components of the most popular and fashionable blinds in the world. Some of our fabrics and hardware are New Zealand products, while others are sourced from Australia and Europe.

Our strength is making high-end reliable products, which can be found in thousands of homes and commercial buildings around New Zealand.

Our Blinds Factory is situated in Auckland.